Jacques with Dylan Rhia and Larry in Questellic near Callac   Front garden Questellic August 2007   Garden Questellic by Callac   View overlooking Questellic and Callac in Bretagne   Crossroads near Questellic by Callac   Botmel by CAllac   Detail of Botmel near Callac   Botmel ruin near Callac   Boule in Callac   Concourse de Boule in Callac   Callac church   Statue of Naous in central Callac   The story of Naous in central Callac   Statue of Naous in Callac   Mairie de Callac   post office Callac   bakers in Callac   boulangere en Callac   cafe in Callac   Fishing in the lake at Callac   Callac Lake   roses in Questellic by Callac   Donkey near Callac   Questellic's donkey near Callac   Labrador pups in Questellic near CAllac   Lab pups near Callac   Larry Rhia Bruce and Scoobie in Questellic near Callac   Christie and pups   Jack and pups   Celtic festival in Laurient early August 2007   man in kilt   Breton giants near Callac   Phillipe milking the cattle in Callac   Helen & Ed in the milking shed by Callac   Christie and Helen in Heulgoat near Callac   Heulgoat near Callac   Heulgoat gorge near Callac   Heulgoat gorge II near Callac   Heulgoat gorge III   Heulgoat gorge by Callac IV   Haymaking near Callac   Haymaking near Callac II   Turning the field in Questellic near Callac   New Holland Tractor in Questellic by Callac   Front garden Questellic by Callac   Questellic by Callac   Haymaking near Callac III   The coast near Callac   Making hay in Questellic by Callac   Questellic Haymaking   Questelliv by Callac hay making   Big machines in Questellic near Callac   John Deer and Jean-Cristophe   John Deer and Phillipe in Questellic by Callac making hay   Mark and Jean-Christophe   Jean Cristophe in Questellic by Callac   Jean Cristophe in Questellic by Callac Bretagne   Larry Rhia and Bruce   Larry Rhia and Bruce in Questelliv by Callac   Larry n Rhia in Questellic near Callac   man and dogs in Questellic near Callac   Tao in Questellic before moving to Callac   Dominique in Questellic near Callac   Nicole in QUestellic by Callac   Phillipe in Questellic near Callac   A bash in the shed in Questellic   Jacques and Tao in Questellic   Mark sitting on very large plough in Questellic   MArk and John Deer in Questellic near Callac   MARGAUXs pictures 1   MARGAUXs pictures 2   MARGAUXs pictures 3   MARGAUXs pictures 4   MAking hay in the sunshine in Questellic near Callac