Breton Language

                                    Outbuilding at Questellic near Callac

Breton (Ar Brezhoneg) is a Celtic language like Welsh Gaelic. The language belongs to the same branch as Welsh, the Brythonic branch. Essentially, Breton is spoken in West-Brittany. For a more in depth description visit which offers courses in Breton, a comprehensive list of useful phrases and a brief history of the Breton language and culture. 

Below are some words and salutations often heard in the streets, bars and markets of Callac. Any attempt to speak Breton is very much appreciated by the locals.




Ken arc’hoazh     

Ken ember                  

Nozvezh vat                

Noz vat                       

Yec’hed mat           

Chans vat                    


Mar plij 





Good day

Good bye

See you tomorrow

See you soon

Good evening

Good night

Good health

Good luck

Thank you


Traditional Breton costumes in Callac Bretagne BrittanyTraditional Breton dress for woman, rarely seen in Callac other than special occasions such as the mass bicycle ride on 30th June 2007 where 7600 cyclists took part in a charity ride in combinations of road racing and family fun riding round the countryside near Callac.. The distances ranged from 28km to 150km. The whole day is a special occasion with music and dancing throughout the day and a "fete de Crepe" in the evening.

Breton dancing in Callac


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